For many employers Twitter and LinkedIn have become important channels for listing job vacancies and have changed the approach of many employers to recruitment.

Social media

As well as using Jobcentre Plus, newspapers and agencies employers are increasingly using Social Media to recruit staff. It is often easier, faster and cheaper for them to search for candidates with the correct level of experience in the appropriate sector industry.

Guide to using Social Media for Job Hunting

“A beginners' guide to finding a job using social media” is available from The Guardian Careers.

A further publication “Guide to Social Media and Job Search” is available from

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Guide to using Facebook for Job Hunting

The Jobs Feature in Facebook is no longer availabe outside of the US and Canada.

Guide to using LinkedIn for Job Hunting

LinkedIn has become a top online site for professional, social and career networking and has proven to be very useful for employers and recruiters.

Because it is an essential tool for job searching in most professions and industries it is important to set up a properly constructed LinkedIn account to create an online professional presence. 

A guide “How to use LinkedIn to find a job” is available from

A further publication “LinkedIn Basics for Successful Job Search” is available from

A comprehensive article “How to use LinkedIn to find a job” is available from

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