If your employer operates a Redundancy Scheme you will be entitled to Contractual Redundancy Pay as detailed in your Contract of Employment. Otherwise if you have worked continuously for your employer for at least two years from the age of 16, you are entitled to Statutory Redundancy Pay.

Statutory Redundancy Pay

You do not have to claim statutory redundancy pay from your employer, they should automatically pay it to you.

If your employer does not give you statutory redundancy pay when you are entitled to it you should write to them asking for payment. If your employer still refuses to pay you or cannot make the payment you could make an appeal to an Industrial Tribunal.

The amount of statutory redundancy pay you will receive depends on:

  • how long you have worked for your employer
  • your age
  • your pay

Full details of Redundancy Pay, how much you will receive and what to do if your employer refuses to pay you are available from the following links: 

Use this calculator to see how much Statutory Redundancy pay you are entitled to.

You can get information and advice on statutorOV.UJy redundancy pay in England, Scotland and Wales at this helpline.

Income Tax

Redundancy pay, over a certain limit, is liable to Income Tax, For an explanation of Income Tax and NI contributions applied to Redundancy Pay follow this link.

Guide to Redundancy

A complete guide to redundacy is available from the MyAdviceGateway section What is Redunndancy

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