Energy supply depends on water. Water supply depends on energy. With the changes in weather patterns due to global warming the interdependency of water and energy is set to intensify in the coming years, with significant implications for both energy and water security.

Conserving Energy

When you limit your energy usage you don’t only save money but you lower your impact on the environment. The longer we go without making significant changes to the way energy is generated and used, the greater the threat of global warming and climate change become to our daily lives.

A guide  “Understanding Energy Conservation”  is available at this link.

Energy Saving Trust is a British organisation devoted to promoting energy efficiency, energy conservation, and the sustainable use of energy, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions and helping to prevent man-made climate change.A guide to making your home more energy efficient in the long-term is available at this link.

Energy Saving Advice

If you own a property in England or Wales you can get recommendations for home improvements that could make your property cheaper to heat and keep warm from a GOV.UK online tool at this link. Alternatively you can call the Energy Efficiency Phoneline and speak to an adviser on 0800 098 7950 Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm (except bank holidays) and Saturday, 9am to 12pm.

Other Government backed schemes to save energy are available at the following links:

Further detailed information and advice for reducing your energy usage and bills is available at the following links:

Solar Power

When the sun shines onto a solar panel, energy from the sunlight is absorbed by the PV cells in the panel. This energy creates electrical charges that move in response to an internal electrical field in the cell, causing electricity to flow.

An explanaton of solar power, installtion and costs is available at the following links:

Based on the information you provide,the Energy Trust Solar Panel Calculator will estimate:

  • What size solar panel system is right for you.
  • How much you could save on your electricity bills.
  • How much could you lower your carbon emissions by.

Grants and assistance with energy bills

There are a range of energy grants and offers available to that provide financial help to cover your heating bills and the initial outlay involved in installing energy-efficient features.


Conserving Water

Water is a precious resource and is something we cannot live without. It’s all too easy in the UK take water for granted - you just turn on the tap and there’s water.

However there is only a finite amount of water and  due to climate change and population growth water supply is under increasing strain with high risk of water shortages in many parts of the country unless urgent action is taken.

It may seem to rain a lot but some parts of the country, such as the densely-populated south-east, are much drier so there is less water for consumers to use.

More importantly our water usage is much higher than previous generations with each of us using about 150 litres every day and this is likely to keep going up.

At the same time climate change could mean that less water will be available in the future.

With two-thirds of the global population predicted to live in regions of high water stress by 2025, providing an accurate and deep understanding of this issue is critical. 

A guide Global Water Waste explains the extent of the of the global water shortage , covering everything individuals, homes and businesses need to consider:

  1. The impact of wastewater on the environment
  2. Global water waste statistics, with countries, ranked and country-specific case studies
  3. The most common water-wasting habits in the UK
  4. The entire water process, including production, collection, treatment, and reuse
  5. How individuals and families can reduce water waste


Access to clean water and toilets is a human right, and should be a normal part of daily life for everyone, everywhere.

WaterAid is an international non-governmental organisation, focused providing clean water, decent toilets and hygiene knowledge to people who don't yet have access to them.

Water Saving Tips

Because water is so precious, it is everyone’s responsibility to use it wisely.

Remember, if you are on a water meter, saving water also means saving money.

Ofwat advice for conserving water is available at the following links:

GetWaterFit offer a water  calculator to find out where you can make savings to reduce your water bill and help the environment, available at this link.

SaveWaterSaveMoney enables you to order free water saving devices and discounted water butts from your water supplier, available at this link.

Further detailed information and advice on saving water is available at the following links:

Your water company will also offer you help saving water.

Conserving water in your garden

During hot and dry weather watering your garden can significantly increase your water usage but there are simple steps you can take to reduce your water bills and protect your community’s water supply, available at The Daily Gardener and at Water's Worth Saving.

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