Windows is a desktop operating system developed by Microsoft. For the past three decades, Windows has been the most popular operating system for personal computers.

Microsoft Windows operating system comes preloaded on most new personal computers (PCs) and laptops and is what enables you to complete all types of everyday task on your computer like browsing the Internet, checking your email, editing digital photos, listening to music, playing games, and much more.

The current version is Windows 11 but other versions are still supported.

You can find out what version you are running at this link.

The following simple tutorials will help you understand Windows and enable you to use all the facilities that are available:

File Extensions

Data files that are stored on your device have name follwed by a 3 or 4 letter extension that tells you about the characteristics of the file and how it is used e.g. whether it is a picture/photo, a text document or a spreadsheet.

When you double click on a file it will result in that file being opened by a a specific program that is set as the defualt program for that file extension. Each standard file extension will have a default program asscociated with it. These are also known as file associations.

You can change the default program for any file extension to suit your needs.

You can open a file with a different program by "Right clicking" the file, selecting "Open with" and then selecting the required program. This will NOT change the default program.

More information is available at the following links:

An A-Z index of all file extensions is available at this link. Click on an extension and you will be directed to a detailed description of the file type.

Microsoft Office 

Microsoft Office is a suite of application software that can be used to type letters and envelopes, create spreadsheets, make labels, and produce presentations for your home or office.

Continue to find out more about Microsoft Office at:


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