Regulatory bodies are organisations set up by Government with responsibility to monitor, guide and control various industry sectors in the interests of protecting consumers. The Utility industry has a range of Regulatory Bodies that are listed here.


ASA (The Advertising Standards Authority) is the independent body set up by the advertising industry to police the rules laid down in the advertising codes.

Gas and Electricity

Ofgem (the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets) regulates the electricity and gas markets in Great Britain by promoting competition, wherever appropriate, and regulating the monopoly companies which run the gas and electricity networks.

Water Services

Ofwat (The Water Services Regulation Authority) is the economic regulator of the water and sewerage industry in England and Wales. It also plays a role under the Competition Act 1998 in promoting competition within its sector.

CCWater(The Consumer Council for Water) represents water and sewerage consumers in England and Wales.


Ofcom (The Office of Communications) is the independent regulator for TV, radio and video on demand sectors, fixed line telecoms, mobiles, postal services, plus the airwaves over which wireless devices operate.

PhonepayPlus  is the industry-funded regulatory body for all premium rate charged telecommunications servic

IWF (The Internet Watch Foundation) is an independent self-regulatory body, funded by the EU and the wider online industry, providing the UK internet Hotline for the public and IT professionals to report criminal online content in a secure and confidential way. They ‘help internet service providers and hosting companies to combat the abuse of their networks.

Consumer Advice

The Citizens Advice Consumer Service is your starting point for consumer advice and information and has taken over as the independent body that represents energy consumers.

MyAdviceGateway provides additional information and advice to help you make the right decisions and solve your own problems.

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