Prostate Cancer UK aims to stop men dying from prostate cancer by focusing on radical improvements in diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and support.

Prostate Cancer UK campaign for men with prostate cancer to receive the best treatment and care wherever they live in the UK, based on the latest evidence.

About Prostate Cancer

The most common prostate problems are:

A complete guide to prostate cancer, including diagnosos and treatment, are available here.

Risk Checker

One in 8 men will get prostate cancer. If you’re over 50, or you’re black, or your dad or brother had it, you’re at even higher risk It is not always life-threatening, however, when it is, the earlier you catch it the more likely it is to be cured.

Check your risk of contracting prostate problems by answering a few simple questions using Prostate Cancer UK's Risk Ckecker.

Information and support

Prostate Cancer UK provide a range of information and support so you can choose the services that work for you. All their services are open to men, their family and their friends. Full details of the support they can provide are available at this link.

Specialist Nurses

Prostate Cancer UK Specialist Nurse service offers free and confidential support and information to people who are affected by or concerned by prostate cancer or disease.Details of these services, which are run entirely by specialist nurses who are clinical experts in this field, are available here.


They also offer a range publications designed to help answer your questions about prostate cancer and prostate problems. All their publications are free to order or download at this llnk.


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Full contact details for Prostate Cancer UK are available at this link.

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