Payplan provides free debt advice, support and help to anyone facing money problems. Payplan offers a free self help pack, downloadable letter templates, credit card help, monthly budget plans and step by step guides to help you manage your debt.

To contact Payplan for free debt advice, support and help telephone 0800 280 2816 (free) or follow this link for a debt help request form; filling in the type and amount of debt you owe, the money you receive and spend each month, and your contact details to get help with the best free help to your debt problem.

For information on further help including IVA’s, free debt management plans, trust deeds, mortgage arrears advice and repossession advice. Follow this link.

For advice on avoiding repossession, help with mortgage arrears, negative equity and re-mortgaging, click here. For specific information about Mortgage Shortfalls, follow this link.

For debt advice on a range of debt problems such as on credit card bills, personal loan arrears and what to do if you get behind with bills, follow this link. Payplan also offers a range of debt help such as debt management schemes and plans, and individual voluntary arrangements, all of which are supported by their free Justabank scheme that allows you to manage all aspects of your plan online.

For information on bankruptcy, what it is, its effects and disadvantages, follow this link.

For help with making the right budgeting decisions to enable you to keep to a carefully planned budget.follow this link.

To download a self-help pack – with letter templates, credit card help, step by step guides and a detailed monthly budget plan, click here.

For full contact details including an on-line enquiry form follow this link or to request a call back click here.

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