All accounts will allow you to pay in cash and cheques that are made payable to you. Most will also be able to take electronic payments and automated transfers. Your account can also receive your salary or benefit payments through an automated transfer system known as "Bacs".

To pay in cash and cheques that are made payable to you simply complete a “paying-in form” (a booklet of which will usually be given to you when you open your account) and pay it in with the money over the counter at your local branch or by using a self-service paying-in box at your local branch.

When paying in cash it is always advisable to pay it in in person so that there is no dispute about the amount of money being paid in.

Your account can also receive money such as your salary through automated transfer - this process requires your bank details (your sort code and account number – both of which can be found on your bank statements, your cheque book or your card).

Payment in this way is known as “Bacs”, or “payment by Bacs”, and is usually free - you should ask if you are unsure your building society or bank will provide you with details of the payer, the date of the payment and the amount you were paid.

Cheques clear through an image-based cheque clearing system that speeds up cheque processing significantly for customers across the UK. Processing times will vary by bank so check with your branch. Full details of the cheque clearing process can be found at this link.

Be aware that if you pay a cheque in at the end of the day it may not be processed until the following working day.

A complete guide to paying money into your bank account is available at this link.

To find out your rights when payments are made to your bank account, and how long it should take to receive a payment, follow this link.

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