National Savings and Investments (or NS&I) provides government-backed savings and investment products. This means any money you invest is completely safe – this is called a “deposit based” investment (what you put in you get back).

National Savings and Investment (NS&I)  offer different types of savings and investments, aimed at different sorts of saver, such as tax-free investments, guaranteed returns, income products, savings accounts and investment for children.

For a full list of the savings and investments offered by NS&I, click here. 

Premium Bonds

Premium Bonds are a savings account you can put money into (and take out when you want), where the interest paid is decided by a monthly prize draw. You buy £1 bonds and each has an equal chance of winning, so the more you buy, the more your chances improve.

For information on premum bond queries, managing your accounts and other general information click here.

Contact NS&I

If you require help call free on 08085 007 007. or follow this link for full contact details.

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