Managing your finances is an essential element to running your own home to ensure that your rent or mortgage, utility and other bills are paid on time and the best way to achieve this is by maintaing a budget.

The most effective way to mange your finances is to maintain a written budget of all your income and outgoings.

A beginner’s guide to managing your money is available at this link.

Making a Budget

To help you save money and keep your debts under control, you need a good understanding of your income and spending. A detailed guide explaining how to make a budget is available here and online budget planners are available at the following links:

You should also ensure that you have the right level of insurance cover and protecting your home from theives.

How much would it cost to replace your possessions if you were burgled and could you afford it and with more and more gadgets in the home, there’s more to lose and a better haul for prospective thieves.

More information on banking, money, utilities, shopping and insurance can be found on the following My Advice Gateway pages:

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