Help and advice on a range of health issues including mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse and sexual issues is readily available for adults and young people.

Health Issues

An A-Z of health coditions is available at

An overview of health issues is available from CitizensAdvice.

If you have health problems that were caused whilst serving in the armed Forces you may be entitled to priority treatment. For more information click here.

An A-Z of easy-to-read guides on health issues written for people with learning disabilities is available at this link.

Managed by the Oxford based charity DIPEx, provides free, reliable information about health issues, by sharing people's real-life experiences.

Health Checks

By undergoing routine health checks, which take just minutes to perform, you can spot any problems in the early stages when they are easier to treat - see Health tests that could save your life.

As you get older regular health screening is an essential part of daily life.

If you are a pensioner you should visit your doctor for a healthcare checkup as regularly as possible.

More information is available at the following links:

Mental Health 


Being diagnosed with dementia can be overwhelming and living with dementia can be a difficult and lonely experienceit. From keeping well, adapting your home and getting support,

More information and practical advice on understanding & living with dementia and caring for dementia at the following links:

Young Peoples Health Issues

If you are a child (under 14) or a young person (under 18) your healthcare rights may be different to that of an adult. For more information click here.

Help and advice for young people on a range of health issues can be found at the following links:

  • Mental health services for children and young people -
  • Advice and support for young people
  • Free, confidential sexual health advice and contraception -
  • Help for young people includng depression, eating disorders & self-harm and bullying -

We Are With You (formally Addaction) is a British charity founded in 1967 offering the following support to adults, children, young adults and older people.

To locate a local support service in one or all of the following areas

  • Mental health
  • Adult drug and alcohol
  • Young persons
  • Friends and family

follow this link.

Other organisations offering support include:

Drug Related Issues

Help and support for drug related issues is available at the following links:

Alcohol Related Issues

Help and support for drink related issues is available at the following links:

Gambling Addiction

Education, help and support for gambling issues is available from the following organisations and independent charities:

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