If you look after a child whose parents have died, you may be able to claim Guardian's Allowance. In some circumstances, Guardian's Allowance can also be paid when only one parent has died.

Guardians Allowance is a non-means tested benefit available to those who look after a child who they are not the mother or father of.

However, you can only receive the allowance if you get Child Benefit for the child.

You may also qualify if only one parent has died. This may be because the surviving parent is missing or is serving a prison sentence.

Full details of eligibility, how much you might receive and how to claim are available from GOV.UK.

You can claim Guardian’s Allowance on Form BG1.

If you are not already receiving Child Benefit for the child (or children), make sure you claim this at the same time.

Benefit Cap

Guardians Allowance counts towards the Benefit Cap. If you’re affected, your Housing Benefit will go down to make sure that the total amount of benefit you get isn’t more than the cap level.

For details on the Benefit Cap follow this link.

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