If you are on a low income and need help paying for a funeral you’re arranging, you may be able to get a Funeral Payment to help with the costs.

Funeral Payment is a government scheme for people on a low income who are receiving certain benefits to help them pay for some of the costs of a funeral. It includes burial or cremation fees and up to £1,000 for any other funeral expenses, such as the funeral director's fees, the coffin or flowers.

However, the money you are given will have to be paid back from any estate of the person who died. The estate means any money, property and other things that the deceased person owned. A house or personal things that are left to a widow, widower or surviving civil partner will not be counted as part of the estate.

To be able to get a Funeral Payment you must also be either the partner of the deceased when they died, the parent of the deceased child (or have been responsible for the deceased child), the parent of a still-born child or a close relative or close friend of the deceased (and it is reasonable for you to accept responsibility for the funeral costs).

Full details of the criteria for eligibility is available at this link.

In order to apply for a Funeral Payment, download and fill in the form available here.

You will find full details on eligibility and what the Funeral Payment covers at the start of the claim form.

More information on Funeral Payments is available at:

Further Information

You can find out more about all the bereavement benefits you may be able to claim if your husband, wife or civil partner has died at the following links:

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