There is no ‘good’ way to end a relationship, especially a long-term one. But there are ways to do it causing minimal hurt to your partner – and yourself.

Ending a relationship can be a hard and painful experience. If there are children involved, even more so. With a little patience and a lot of communication, you can both move on with your lives without ruining the life of your child.

Information and advice on ending a relationship, including the following:

  • Ending a relationship when you're living together
  • Ending a marriage
  • Ending a civil partnership
  • Relationship breakdown and housing 

is available from citizensadvice.

Go to the GOV.UK website for detailed information on the following topics:

The series of comprehensive guides on the Divorce Process are available from the following links:

Financial Considerations

For practical information to help you sort out finances if going through or thinking about divorce or separation, go to MoneyHelper.

Information on the resposibilities of joint finances or joint debts if your relationship comes to an end is available here.

Tenancies, Home Ownership and Housing Rights

Information on the effect relationship breakdowns may have on tenancies, home ownership and other housing rights is available from

Support for Single Parent Families

Gingerbread is a registered charity (England and Wales) which provides advice, practical support and campaigns for single parent families.

To contact Gingerbread follow this link or for details of their free, confidential helpline click here.

The National Family Mediation (NFM) provides mediation services to any separating or divorcing parents or couples who are experiencing difficulties agreeing arrangements for their children or finances, including property.

To contact NFM:

Phone: 0300 4000 636
Fax: (01392) 271945
Online: online form

Locate your nearest Family Mediation Centre.

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