Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) is a benefit for people who have illnesses or disabilities that make it hard for them to work

If you do not earn enough to qualify for SSP or you are off work for more than 28 weeks, you may qualify for New Style Employment and Support Allowance.

There are 2 old types of ESA, which some people are still getting - they're called 'income-based ESA' and 'contribution-based ESA'.

If you are already claiming income-related ESA will eventually be moved to Universal Credit.

All new claims are for New Syle ESA which is paid under the Universal Credit system.

Full details of the types of ESA, eligibility, how much you will receive and how to claim are available at GOV.UK.

Further information on ESA is available from

A downloadable explanatory leaflet detailing the support available and what you neeed to do while claiming ESA is available from GOV.UK.

You can claim New Style Employment and Support Allowance online or by phoning 0800 055 6688 (textphone: 0800 328 1344).

Benefit Cap

ESA counts towards the Benefit Cap. Your Housing Benefit may go down to make sure that the total amount of benefit you get isn’t more than the cap level. 

For details on the Benefit Cap follow this link.

Universal Credit

All new claims for ESA wil be paid through the UC system.

If you are already receiving income-related ESA or contribution based ESA you will continue to be paid these, provided you still satisfy the entitlement conditions but you will eventually be moved to Universal Credit depending on your circumstances and where you live. You must report any change in circumstances which might mean you will be moved to UC sooner.

For a full explanation of Universal Credit follow this link.

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