Fraudsters are exploiting fears of the Coronavirus pandemic in order to carry out fraud and cybercrime targeting pension savers, investors and online consumers.

According to Action Fraud nearly £1 million has been lost to coronavirus scams since the start of February 2020.

New scams including sending bogus emails with links claiming to have important information about the virus, ‘early access’ pensions offers and, in some cases, fake tax refunds are among the devices being used.

GOV.UK have produced a guide “Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice on how to protect yourself and your business from fraud and cyber crime” available at this link.

Further information on the type of frauds to watch out for and how to protect yourself are available at the following links:

Check you're getting genuine debt advice

Make sure the company you are talking to is a genuine debt advice organisation not a clone firm posing as debt advice organisation in order to get your personal details. 

Full details of how to check a debt advice organisation are available from:

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