Older people and those with an underlying health condition face significant risk of developing severe illness if they contract COVID-19.

Advice and Support for the Elderly and Vulnerable

People over the age of 70 are considered vulnerable, even if they do not have an underlying health condition. This also applies to those who are pregnant.

Others considered vulnerable include people who are under 70 with an underlying health condition as defined at this link

Advice for the Elderly and Vulnerable is available at the following links:

Advice on Visiting Care Homes

Latest information about the new Government guidance, effective from 1st April 2022, setting out the steps that local authorities can take in conjuction with care homes to enable visits to care homes and supported living is available at GOV.UK.

Further information on visiting a care home is available at the following links:

Advice and Support for Carers

Advice for Carers is available at the following links:

Travelling in the UK

Advice and guidance for safe travel within the UK (subject to local tier restrictions) can be found at the following links:

Travelling Outside the UK

Latest information on travel corridors and rules for self-isolation are available at the following links:

Local Area Information

For advice and information pertaining to your local area go to your local council website.

Local Support Groups

More than 1,000 volunteer groups have been set up to help those self-isolating during the coronavirus outbreak. More information is available from Covid-19 Mutual Aid.

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