Paying for your child's care can account for a large percentage of your family income. However, there are ways you can get financial help if the care you use is provided by a registered childminder or childcare setting.

Childcare (or "child care", "child minding", "daycare", or "preschool") is the caring for and supervision of a child or children, usually from age six weeks to age thirteen.

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Help with Childcare costs

You may be able to get help from the government and employers towards your childcare costs:

Childcare Vouchers from your employer can save you £1,000s a year in tax. They are a Government scheme operated through employers that allow you to pay for childcare from PRE-TAX salary. It might not sound much, but the impact can be huge. 

As from April 2018 Employer Childcare Vouchers will no longer be available to new claimants. However, you may be able to receive help with your childcare costs through Tax Free Childcare or through Working Tax Credit or Universal Credit. 

Existing claims for Employer Childcare Vouchers will continue until the child is 15, or 16 if disabled – or the claimant starts another scheme.

For more information on Childcare vouchers follow this link

You can’t receive Tax-free Childcare at the same time as Tax Credits or Universal Credit and these benefits will stop if you successfully claim Tax-free Childcare. Use this calculator to help you decide if you would be better off by taking childcare vouchers.

A Step by Step guide to applying for and using Tax Free Chilcare is available at this link.

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