Enabling people to remain at home helps them maintain personal independence, comfort and contact with their local community. Care at home is flexible, with just the right amount of assistance given at any one time.

Care at home is support provided in the home by careworkers to assist someone with their daily life. It is usually the choice for people who need help with their personal care but wish to continue to lead independent lives with family and friends and be in a familiar  environment rather than moving into a care home.

You may only require a small amount of support - from half an hour a week, to several hours a day, or even live-in care. The service may be on a temporary, intermittent or long term basis.

For a guide to Care at home go to nhs.uk.

Ageuk provide detailed information on care at home at the following links:

They also have a range of comprehensive, downloadable guides and factsheets keeping you up-to-date with home and care information.

Indepentage.org have the following guides available for download:

UK Care Guide

UK Care Guide provides comprehensive information and help in provsion of Care at Home.

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