There are a number of charities and government initiatives that offer advice and support for disabled people on employment matters.

Remploy offers employment services and employment to people with disabilities and complex barriers to work.

The organisation is funded by the Department of Work and Pensions and operates a network of town and city centre recruitment branches. Find your nearest branch here.

The Shaw Trust is a charity that helps disabled and disadvantage people prepare and find work by providing training courses to equip disabled people with skills, advice for finding and keeping jobs, and employment programmes to get disabled people into work.

For more information on the different services available, follow this link.

Work and Health Programme is a government supported employment programme designed specifically for people who due to their disability, may find it difficult to find or keep a job. It also provides  the necessary training and support to do the job, and advance in it.

To find out whether you can benefit from Work and Health Programme contact your local Jobcentre Plus office, and ask to be put in touch with a Disability Employment Adviser.

Access to Work is designed to help you if health problems or disability affect the way you work, by providing support by paying for equipment, adjustments to the work place, a support worker, a communicator for interviews or a replacement for public transport.

A factsheet explaining all aspects of Acces to Work is available from Disability Rights UK.

You can apply for Residential training for disabled adults if you are an unemployed disabled adult. You can do this if there aren’t any suitable training courses available to you locally. The courses can help you get a job, give you more experience to keep a job or become self-employed.

For general information on looking for work if you're disabled go here.

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