Traineeships support young people to develop the skills they need to secure and succeed in employment, including apprenticeships. They last between six weeks and six months, and combine work experience with skills training.

Since August 2013, Government funded traineeships were for 16- to 23-year-olds and for young people with Learning Difficulty Assessments up to an academic age of 25.

The programme is designed to fit individual learner needs, and will last for a maximum of six months. 

From 1 August 2023, the Goverment ceased to deliver traineeships through the national traineeships programme.

Traineeships continue to be offered by providers locally.

The traineeship scheme enables 16 to 23-year-olds to develop the skills and workplace experience that employers demand. It is for young people who want to work, but need or want a bit more help to get an apprenticeship or a job.

Traineeships will last around six months and give post-GCSE learners the flexible training and real work experience they need to compete for apprenticeships and good jobs. Trainees will emerge better equipped and more attractive to employers.

All young people undertaking a traineeship will have to study English and maths unless they already have a GCSE A*-C in those subjects

Full details are available at National Career Service.

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