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My Advice Gateway is a free resource to help you quickly find the information you need to claim benefits, access help and support or look for a job or training opportunities. Other services include sections on banking, insurance and how to manage debt.

There is so much information available on the internet that it can often be a tedious and time consuming activity to search through the mass of advice that is available in order to find the information you need. Even government websites that have been set up to provide help can be difficult to find your way around.

My Advice Gateway has been built to help you find the information you need quickly and effectively. Links will take you to authoritative advice or the precise application form you need.

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LHS provides a complete range of web-based housing option services to more than 60 local authorities and hundreds of housing associations across the UK.


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Some banks and building societies offer basic bank accounts - a basic bank account allows you to manage day-to-day money, however, most will not let you go overdrawn.

You may want to use a Basic Bank Account if you are worried about overspending and don’t want to go overdrawn, or if you may have a bad credit rating due to previous debt.

Basic Bank Accounts will usually provide a card that allows you to get money out of cash machine (this is called a prepaid card), some also offer cards that let you pay for items without cash (this is called a debit card). For more information on types of banking cards, click here

These accounts also allow wages, benefits and state pensions to be automatically paid into it, and automatic bill payments to be paid out direct from your account (these are called direct debits) For more information click here.

A Basic Bank Account will not give you a chequebook, and you cannot take out more money that is in the account (go overdrawn).

For more details on basic bank accounts, including the ability to compare common features of current accounts against current accounts and savings accounts, click here.

A downloadable booklet explaining Basic Bank Accounts is available from The Money Advice Service.

Government Agreement

The Government has come to a new agreement with the banking industry which will mean that basic bank accounts are ‘fee-free’ which should help to improve financial inclusion and increase access to banking services. This is particularly important for those who are likely to claim Universal Credit in the future. Universal Credit needs to be paid into a transactional bank account and claimants will need to be able to make payments for rent and other bills. Removing charges for failed direct debits or standing orders should reduce the risks associated with using these payment methods.

Full details of the agreement are available at GOV.UK